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We at Dirty South Radio Online are excited to offer you the opportunity to have your music played on our popular internet radio station. With over 3.5 million listeners and a total of over 8 million impressions from radio and social media, we can help expose your music to a large and diverse audience and help you build your fan base.

We offer a variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets. Our packages include spins on the air, commercial spots, website, and social media promotion, banner ads, and more. We also offer financing options to make it easier for you to pay for a package over time.

1.Radio Package 1 (3 months for $400):

200 spins per month for 1 song
Interview on our website

Radio Package 2 (6 months for $700):

250 spins per month for 2 songs
2 commercials
Interview on our website
2 banner ads on our website
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter promo
1 reel promo design

Radio Package 3 (1 year for $1000):

300 spins per month for 4 songs
4 commercials
Interview on our website
4 banner ads on our website
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter promo
Virtual live interview
2 reel promo designs

We believe that having your music on Dirty South Radio Online can provide numerous benefits for your career. In addition to getting your music played on the air and promoted through social media, you’ll also have the opportunity to reach new listeners 

Dirty South Radio Online is a royalties reporting station through Live365. Our spins are also tracked by Digital Radio Tracker. www.digitalradiotracker.com

We hope you’ll consider joining the Dirty South Radio Online family  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our packages.

Sincerely, DJ Hollywood  Dirty South Radio Online


Here, you can tune in to our radio station by visiting our website. www.DSRM.us You can also download our app from the app store by searching for ‘Dirty South Radio Online.’ Thank you for choosing our radio station!”

Here is the link to our PDF of our full radio stats for the year 2022


I Don’t Think You Are Going To Find Another
Radio Station That’s Going To Give You This Much Promotions

Here Are Some Testimonials From Artist The Have Used Our Services

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