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Dirty South Radio / Looking 4 Brand Partnership


Introducing Dirty South Radio Online, an internet radio station specializing in Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B music. With over 3.5 million listeners in 2022 and 3 million impressions worldwide, we have established ourselves as a prominent platform in the industry. We have been on the air for 22 years .Now, we are seeking brand partners to expand our reach locally in South Florida, our home base.

To achieve this goal, we are aiming to purchase an LED Mobile Billboard Truck to promote our station effectively. Currently, we have a promising deal on the table, but we require a $40,000 down payment to seize this opportunity and have the truck on the road as soon as possible.

In Miami, the going rate for similar trucks ranges from $650 to $850 for 8 hours of shared time. By choosing the lower end of this range, your advertisement would be displayed on the truck for 8 hours a day, continuously, for one month, totaling $19,500 per month. Over a year, this amounts to $234,000. However, as our valued brand partner, we are offering you an exclusive deal of $45,000 for one year of advertising, averaging just $124 per day.

But that’s not all! In addition to the LED Mobile Billboard Truck exposure, we will include the following bonuses to maximize your brand visibility:

1-Radio commercials on our station.

2-A write-up on our website.

3-Banner ads on our website.

4-Social media promotion across all our outlets.

5-A post in our app about your brand

All of these advertising benefits will be available to you for one year.

For more information about Dirty South Radio Online and to explore our websites, please visit:

We also have radio packages for artist if you would like to have your music heard by millions

Here is detailed overview of our statistics from last year 2022, kindly click on the following link.


Tune into the station on our mobile web at http://www.dsrm.us

or download our app in the app store

search ( dirty south radio online )

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If you’re interested in becoming a brand partner, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

DJ Hollywood at 786-760-7890. Text me before you call

Advertising on a LED mobile billboard truck offers several advantages for brand companies and artists. Here’s a breakdown of the reasons why they should consider this form of advertising and the benefits it can have on people:

1-High Visibility: LED mobile billboard trucks are attention-grabbing and impossible to miss. They are equipped with vibrant, eye-catching LED displays that can showcase dynamic visuals, videos, and messages. As the truck moves through different locations, it attracts the attention of pedestrians, motorists, and passersby, ensuring maximum visibility for the advertised brand.

2-Targeted Advertising: The mobility of the LED mobile billboard truck allows for targeted advertising. Companies can strategically select the routes and locations for the truck to maximize exposure to their desired audience. Whether it’s a specific neighborhood, event, or high-traffic area, the truck can be precisely positioned to reach the intended target market effectively.

3-Flexibility and Customization: LED mobile billboard trucks offer flexibility in terms of messaging and content. Advertisers can easily update their visuals and messages based on different campaigns, seasons, or events. The dynamic nature of LED displays enables real-time customization, ensuring that the advertising content remains fresh and relevant.

4-Wide Reach and Frequency: The mobile nature of the LED truck allows it to cover a broader geographic area, exposing the brand to a larger audience. It can navigate through different neighborhoods, shopping districts, and event locations, reaching diverse demographics and increasing brand exposure. Furthermore, the continuous movement of the truck ensures repeated exposure to potential customers, reinforcing brand recall and message retention.

5-Impactful and Memorable: LED mobile billboard trucks make a lasting impression on people. The vivid and dynamic nature of LED displays creates a visually striking experience that captures attention and engages viewers. The size and prominence of the truck, combined with the captivating visuals, leave a memorable impact on the audience, making the brand and its message more memorable.

Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional advertising methods like billboards or TV commercials, LED mobile billboard trucks offer cost-effective solutions. They provide a higher return on investment by targeting specific locations and demographics, minimizing wasted impressions. With the ability to customize messages and reach a wide audience, brands can achieve their marketing goals while optimizing their advertising budget.

Here is a video of the truck on the table


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