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Check Out Hot Beatz By Producer Kyle Cassaday




What made you become a producer?


I began producing music to escape. Escape the violence and drama of the ghetto. Escape my fucked up childhood, my dysfunctional family; my memories. Escape the option of getting high for the 7th night in a row and going out and doing shit that, without a doubt, would eventually land me in prison. I began producing rap beats to leave that.


How long have you been making beats?

I’ve been making beats since 2005 when I was 16, starting out on an old Yamaha synthesizer, throw away DJ mixer, and a dual tape deck recorder. I used to have to play each line for the full duration of the song. So you’d see me there, tucked away in the corner, with a crappy pair of headphones trying to, just once, record a perfect bassline.




Can you explain your beat making process?

My process of making beats is easy. I start out by deciding what type of rap beat I want to make (trap, underground, club, etc.) That determines the type of instruments I use and the tempo. I then choose my chord structure. After that I align the bass to fit that chord structure and then decorate it. Next, I design the alto and saprono sections. Finally, I format the song. You can get a more detailed look at how I make my beats by going to my website, clicking on articles, and then on “How to Make a Rap Beat.”


What artist have you worked with?

I’m just getting in game, but I’ve worked with a lot of underground rappers. One of the most notable is a very awesome, popular South African group named the “Phenomenols.” (Who in the US even knew South Africans spoke English!)


Who is the hottest DJ in the game rite now?

I know there’s going to be haters on this one but: Funkmaster Flex! He’s been around for days and that man just continues to improve.


What projects are you working on?

As of 2016 my main concern is building a strong, unique brand name. I want SoundSprinkle Rap Beats to be known by every rapper, producer, and DJ in the industry. I am also working on building a unique trap beat section of my website. When I offered the free trap beat “In the South” on facebook for a couple days, it went viral, and a lot of people said they want more trap beats.


Who are you Top 5 Producers of All Time?

Of course, right of the top, Dr. Dre is number one. Then I’d say Timberland. Third is DJ Premier. Did you know he produced music too? Fourth is RZA. RZA just had one of the most unique, raw sounds of them all. Finally, I give the last spot to Erick Sermon who is probably one of the most over looked great producers.


What equipment do you use?

I use whatever I got at my disposal. If I’m out a town or staying at a hotel, I’ll make a bad ass beat just with my fingertips on the laptop. I prefer, though, a midi keyboard and drum pad. With those I can really capture what I’m feeling at the moment.


How can artist and labels get in contact with you?

I offer custom beats at negotiable prices. Basically, you tell me what kind of beats you like and what song would most capture that sound, and then I analyze that song, and reproduce the elements of it you like and sell you that awesome beat to you exclusively. I also do a lot work just for publicity and I often offer amazing deals to rappers who I think can help promote my brand. So if you’re looking to work together, hit me up on SoundSprinkle’s contact page:




Hi I’m Kyle Cassaday, producer and founder of SoundSprinkle Rap Beats. I grew up mostly in Los Angeles and Sacramento where graffiti, chronic, and hustling determined what we did. I eventually went to school for music theory. I finally started my website “SoundSprinkle” in 2016.



Social Media Links

Google+: https://plus.google.com/105576790665311567438

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soundsprinkle

Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.com/soundsprinkle/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/soundsprinkle


My Website:



Price Breakdown

Exclusive beats: $399.99 to $799.99 and they have never been sold… Even once!

Non-Exclusive: $4.99 each. No matter how good they are.


Contact info, phone, email.

(775) 221-1108 (Text Only)


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