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DJ Hollywood Bio Owner Of Dirty South Radio Online


DJ Hollywood was born on December 12, 1972 in Queens, New York and moved to Hollywood, Florida when he was 7 years old. It was during his teenage years that he discovered his love for hip hop music and began teaching himself how to DJ at the age of 12 or 13 by making mixtapes and selling them in school. His uncle then bought him the necessary DJ equipment to improve his skills, and he learned more about mixing and mastering music by watching a local DJ named DJ Laz at a teenage club. Despite not being allowed on stage, DJ Laz recognized DJ Hollywood’s interest and gave him the opportunity to play at the club, providing him with pointers on how to mix and scratch. At the age of 17, DJ Hollywood’s DJ equipment was stolen from his garage and he decided to give up on his dream and sell his record collection. In 1996, he met DJ Mc B, also known as White Dawg, through a mutual friend and began selling White Dawg’s mixtapes, eventually leading to the creation of an entire album together. In 1998, White Dawg was signed to Paper Chasers Entertainment, where DJ Hollywood became the head of street promotions and handled the promotion for White Dawg’s album “Thug Ride,” which debuted at No. 18 on the Billboard top 100. In 2000, he began working for Dawgman Entertainment and its street team when.DJ Hollywood &  White Dawg moved from Broward County in Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, where he was the head of promotions for his label, Game Runners Entertainment. He helped sell White Dawg’s albums and mix CDs on the streets and contributed to the sale of 100,000 plus records representing both the White Dawg label and the Dirty South Radio Online brand.

DJ Hollywood started his own internet radio station, Dirty South Radio Online, in 2001. He began broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and hosted a live weekly show called “The Get Crunk Show.” However, on October 18, 2006, he was arrested for operating a pirate radio station and faced a potential 10-year prison sentence. He was eventually given one year of probation and a $10,000 fine. After his release,

DJ Hollywood focused on promoting himself and other local artists by distributing flyers and business cards at clubs and events. As a result, his radio station saw an increase in listeners, going from 90,000 listeners in April 2019 to 120,000 by April 2020. As of May 1, 2020, the station had over 300,000 listeners per month and was heard in over 190 countries. By December 31, 2022, the station had almost 4 million listeners for the year and had been on the air for 22 years, helping artists get their music heard worldwide. You can tune in to Dirty South Radio Online on their website at http://www.dirtysouthradioonline.com or on your phone at http://www.dsrm.us, which has links to information about the station on its mobile web platform.


If you’re an artist looking to promote your music to a global audience, consider reaching out to Dirty South Radio Online. They offer radio packages to help you get your music heard and can be contacted at dsroblast@gmail.com. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your music with a worldwide audience.


Dirty South Radio Online – PDF – Radio Stats – 2022

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