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Interview With A1 GoHard



1.How long have you been in the rap game?

 I have been rapping since Middle School.


2.Who are your major influences in your music? 

All 90’s hip hop, Ghetto Boys, UGK, to name a few. I’m influenced by all genres, I drew from them all.


3.What is your first single ?

Tryna Smash


4.Who Do You have On Your Album? 

Lil’ Ghotti, LaMont and Rock Solid


5.How did you get into the rap game?

It started when Lil’ Ghotti and I decided to put two karaoke machines together and started recording.


6.Where were you born? 

Honolulu Hawaii


7.Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already?

J. Cole, T.I., Kendrick Lamar, and BunB


8.Who do you think is the hottest rapper out? 



9.  Who do you think is the hottest producer out?

That is hard to say there are a lot of new producers coming up right now. I have my eye on Fredon’em and XO like the drug.


10.Who is your favorite artist?

Sounds cliché, but I have to say TuPac. You can relate to him easily, he had pain, joy and knowledge all in one artist. He made classic records.


11.How did you come up with your album title?

The album name is Identity Crisis: W2MW. I am influenced by so many different styles and genres of music, I don’t like being put in a box. I drive in all lanes, not just one specific lane.


12.What is your favorite song on your album? 

Coolin’ the beat is smooth everyone can vibe with the hook. It touches on the current state of affairs in the world today,


13.Which song on your album means the most too you? 

Tryna to Smash means a lot to me, mostly because it is the first of my songs to get radio play.


14.Who are you signed with?

I am currently independent.


15.When is your album release date?

To be announced…….coming soon though. I am a bit of a perfectionist, I don’t want to put out something half done just to make a deadline.


16.What cities do you plan on touring? 

As many as I can, I would tour the globe if I could.


17.What female rapper or artist do you think is the sexiest?

Elle Varner has a real subtle sexiness, plus I am a sucker for curly hair. She has an old school vibe that I really dig.


18.What would you like to see from the music industry over the next two years?

Show more love to the unsigned artists, and for the Grammys to give the urbanites a look or two.


19.What is your second single gonna be?

I’m going to be dropping two singles at the same time. Til We See The Sun, and Cuz I’m Fresh. One is pop and one is urban, I’m trying to corner the market.


20.What rapper do you dislike or hate the most? 

I don’t hate any artist, I may not listen to everybody, but I give props to anyone doing what they love.


21.Favorite drink in the club?

Crown Apple and Sprite, Dos XX dressed, Blue Moon or Ciroc. Depends on the situation.


22.Favorite industry magazine?

Source, XXL,  and Hip Hop Weekly


23.Who got you started in the rap game? 

Myself really.


24.How does your family feel about your music and your choice of career?

They tell me to keep following my dreams as long as I handle my business.


25.Top 5 rap albums of all time?

1. All Eyes on Me 2. Ready To Die 3. Get Rich or Die Trying 4.Doggy Style 5. Ridin’ Dirty In no particular order.


26.Favorite r and b group or solo artist?

Jodeci, can’t beat a classic.


27.Where do you see the rap game headed?

Straight to the top with hopefully a First Class seat.


28.How do you usually come up with your songs?

I just get a melody in my head and go from there.


29.What can we expect from you in the future? 

Progression, Dedication, and giving you all more quality music. Hopefully I will be coming to a city near you.


30. How Can People Reach You? 

My Instagram is @a1gohard or by email ajg21484@gmail.com.


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