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Interview With Barbie blu @Barbieblu100 IG Barbieblu100


The World wants to know?

Let us know how your experience was with Celebrity Consulting Agent & our President / Program Director’s


 Mz Dolla Opportunity Helpful to you & your CAREER as far as ADVICE? 

I loved it everything was understandable and acceptable.

 I basically was taught about important things through every step.

 I really love all the grind and motivation words she spoke.

I have listened to it & it was all explainable every step.

Would you recommend Mz Dolla Opportunity to other Artists, Labels & Managers for Services? 

I would definitely recommend others to this opportunity because it would be a great choice to be able to work and grow in the industry wit Mz Dolla everything is 100!

What stood out the most in speaking with Mz Dolla Opportunity versus other Industry Executives? 

Everything was 100!

No sugar coating anything it was just flat out layed out like this & how it is

 I felt good inside have someone to coach me threw a lot of important things.

1.How Long Have You Been In The Rap Industry ?

 I been in the industry sense I was 17 years old and every sense then I been at it back to back .

2.Who Are Your Major Influences In Your Music?

 My Major Influences In my music is lil boosie, Nikki , yo gotti they definitely expire me to get in the rap game

3.What Is Your First Single ? –  Or What Single Do You Have Out Now ?

 My First Single is My QUEEN That Was The First Song I Ever Made

4.Who Do You Have On Your Album? 

nobody at this moment I am definitely solo right now so it’s all me

5.How Did You Get Into The Rap Industry? 

By myself on my own independent everything was just self I dashed in there as a youngin myself

6.Where Were You Born ?  – Where Do You Live Now?

 I was born in Birmingham Alabama born and raise and I now stay in Huntsville al.

7.Who Would You Like To Work With That You Haven’t Already?

 I would like to work with a lot of great artist not many who really have wat it takes

8. Who Do You Have On Your Albums Right Now? 

Right now have no one right now

9.Who Is Your Favorite Rapper You Like Right Now ? 

NBA youngboy is most definitely my favorite all pressure he’s ones of the good ones in my book right now

10.Who Do You Think Is The Hottest Producer Out ?  –  What Would You Say To That Producer On Why They Should Work With You? 

Serg is pretty good he talk up on some good things I heard I would ask’em would he like working and teach more about the game and how everything goes

11.How Did You Come Up With Your Album Title?

 I came wit my album title queen yo because I’m a queen so I got put on for the real queens out here

12.What Is Your Favorite Song On Your Album?

My song call RAW Is one of my favorite cus everything all good letting people no who I really am

13.Which Song On Your Album Means The Most Too You?

 My Love Song Is One Of The Most I love it

14.Who Are You Signed With? 

At This point I’m signed wit no one I’m my own independent artist as of now so I’m not signed wit no one

15.When Is Your Album Release Date?

 I Haven’t set a date just yet but it would be soon I’m thinking of something 4 New Years

16.What Cities Do You Plan On Touring? 

California, Atl , Texas Chicago

17.What Female Rapper Or Artist Do You Think Is The Sexiest?

I think Meg the Stallion is one of the most sexiest and beautiful one I ever seen omg she’s the truth

18.What Would You Like To See From The Music Industry Over The Next Year? 

I would like to see females expanding more , and more collaborations with each other

19.What Is Your Second Single Going To Be?

I’m working on the one right now it’s going to be fire I no fashooo

20. If You Could Compare Yourself To An Already Established Artist, Who Would That Be And Why? 

I would say Trina because me and mostly on queen running it and out flow is a little simpler

21.What Do You Think Your Listeners Will Get Out Of Your Music? 

Some real aggressive and raw sh*t everything they would feel and catch on quickly some go getter hard and vibing

22.What Were You Thinking About When Your Songs Are Developed? Explain Your Process?

Oh this it is gone to be fire when I put it out I think about the stuff that goes on in my life so wen I developed and listen it makes me feel so excited to put it out

23.Who Got You Started In The Rap Industry?

Nobody I got myself in this is something I always wanted to do when I was younger so I got out and put it out there on my own

24.What Made You Want To Get Into The Music Business? 

Because after my father past sense I love music I thought I would do some positive and keep my mind on focus so that was something I loved so I kept pushing no matter what!

25.How Does Your Family Feel About Your Music And Your Choice Of Career?

Omg they are so excited very supportive they know that I have good potential to get out and do it jus do it period they real step up and help for what I really want to do and that’s music they be turnt about it

26.What Is The Most Difficult Thing You’ve Had To Endure In Life? 

My father being gone it was a big lost for me I take that to heart all the time so it’s emotional

27.What Do You Hope To Accomplish With Your Music?

 I hope to make it to the top get on it work harder then ever and be able to follow and chase this dream I really want to make this out the best seriously

28.What’s The Demographic You Are Trying To Reach Out To?

 Don’t really have a answer for this one yet jus being real

29.How Do You Usually Come Up With Your Songs?

 I like listening to beats first so wen I hear a good beat that I really like I instantly start writing quickly everything in mind It’s like it’s there and set once I write my hooks the song be there

30.What Is Your Goal And Height That You Want To Reach With Your Music?

My goal is to go to the next level and do my best to get where I’m tryna be and that’s to the top fasho my goals is to get right work hard and make it out

31.What Influenced  You Outside Of Hip Hop Rap That Have Helped You Form Your Style?

No lie mainly rap that’s all I listened to but outside is being a great mother making sure I have everything handle as a single mother I felt like being a mother made me stronger to go strive and go get uk

32.How Can People Reach You? 

Email – wyteriabyron1@yahoo.com

Phone Number (205) 222-6835

Instagram – Barbieblu100

Twitter – Barbieblu100

Snapchat – wyteriabyron8

Sound Cloud –

Web Site –or iPhone fb – Barbie Blu

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