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Interview With Carol City Meech @carolcitymeech


1.How long have you been in the rap game?
I been writing music and making songs since I was 12 years old it use to be a hobby but for almost a year now its my career.
2.Who are your major influences in your music?
Tupac, Biggie, Rick Ross, Mos Def, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Drake. I can honestly say all the greatest is in my Soul.
3.What is your first single ?
On Da Dance Floor

4.Who Do You have On Your Album? 

My Self & Few Other Artist
5.How did you get into the rap game?
Since I was younger I been in the studio with Desloc, Ball Grezzy, Wacko, Noreaga, Scott Storch and Benzino, and thats were my drive for music started at Benzino studio

6.Where were you born?

Miami, Fl…… Dade County

7.Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already?

Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne, Jada Kiss, Young Jezzy, Jay Z, Kayne West, .B.O.B  etc

8.Who do you think is the hottest rapper out?


9. Who do you think is the hottest producer out?

Noah “40” Shebib and

 10.Who is your favorite artist?

Mos Def 

11.How did you come up with your album title?

 I came up with Miami Heat 5000 degrees as my Album title because of our basketball team The Miami Heat because Miami always Hot, and because I am Hot and my flows are Hot and I’m from Miami…so i named it Miami Heat 5000degrees

12.What is your favorite song on your album?

Every song I make becomes my favorite.

13.Which song on your album means the most too you?

I put my all in every song i make, with that being said I love all my songs the same way.

14.Who are you signed with? 

I’m not signed to anybody im independent right now.

15.When is your album release date?

I’am still working on my Album its really creative

16.What cities do you plan on touring?

New York, L.A, Chicago, Missippi, and  Atlanta 

17.What female rapper or artist do you think is the sexiest?

Nikki Minaj is the one right now hands down

18.What would you like to see from the music industry over the next two years?

The next two years I expect the industry to shine the light on good music and the Artists that grind for there music.

19.What is your second single gonna be?

I dont know yet its hard to decide, I will let my fans decide.

20.What rapper do you dislike or hate the most?

I dont hate anyone or dislike them probably their music.

21.Favorite drink in the club?

Hennessy and Ciroc

22.Favorite industry magazine?


23.Who got you started in the rap game?

I got myself started in the rap game, people sell people dreams and I found that out early so I cant disappoint myself so I started doing my own thing.
24.How does your family feel about your music and your choice of career? At first they didnt take it serious until they heard my music and others reactions to my music and saw my passion for music and that I was putting my all towards it and now I cant stop them from talking about my music.

25.Top 5 rap albums of all time?

Tupac “All Eyes On Me”

Drake “Take Care”

Jay Z “The Blue Print”

Eminem “Marshall Matters”

Its hard to name the top five albums.

26.Worst 5 rap albums of all time?

No Comment

27.Favorite r and b group or solo artist?

Chris Brown, Trey Songz or Miguel

28.Where do you see the rap game headed?

The rap game is headed in the right direction, real music and diversity is taking over the industry

29.How do you usually come up with your songs?

I listen to the beat and hear what the beat is saying to me then i speak from my heart and it always matches the beat

30.What can we expect from you in the future?

Expect the unexpected

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