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Interview With Certified @CertifiedFWE


1. How long have I been in the rap game:

Twelve years but on a serious level I would have to say five years.


2. Major influences in my music

Is life within its self, experiences are what keeps me grounded.


3. My first official Single

“Pump My Fist” which is ready for down load at itunes.com and Amazon, make sure you cop that.


4. Who do I have on my album

Well as of now it’s in the making but I plan to work with several artist who are willing, ready and have their business together.


5. How did I get into the rap game,

Well I’m going to put it like this. Nick knack patty wack give a dog a bone, wasn’t any food lights or water so who wanted to be home. Life experiences are how I got in the game. I had a gift so I took it and ran with it.


6. Where was I born

Memphis, but moved to Arkansas, at an early age, so I claim Memphis, and Forrest City and Little Rock ha, I am national and heading international!!!!


7. Who would I like to work with that I haven’t already?

I would say any and every main stream artist that’s bout making great music that everyone can feel and relate to.


8. Who do I think is the hottest rapper out

Well there are a lot of different genres of music, which goes off tha public ear in different regions, so I would say, who ever you feeling at tha time and who’s making tha charts.


9.Tha hottest producer in my opinion

That’s a hard one because there are so many out there that are doing their thang and producing some major hits, whom all have different styles & different flavors to add to tha game. So tha question should be, who do I wanna werkx with, lol


10. My Favorite artist

we’ll I don’t have just one in particular. cause there is so much great music out there & so many great artists who really spit facts and that’s where I’m at.


11.How did I come up with tha Album title

well.. tha album still in tha making so soon as I get tha arrangement of tha album and concepts together then I can have a proper title because it has to make sense ya feel me?


12.My favorite song on tha album

All of them, cause I put a lot of time and thought into what I do and it’s telling a story. Without one you can’t get the other.


13.Which song means tha most to me.

Question 12 they all tie into one fam


14.Who am I signed with?

I’m an Independent artist fam…. Fresh Werkx Ent that’s me lol


15.When is my album release date?

I say it’ll be ready within tha third quarter of 2012


16.Tha cities I plan on touring

Nahhhh fam lets rephrase that, what countries? (lol) Seriously though I’m planning on going international. If you’re going to dream, dream big right? I am pressing tha issue.


17.What female artist I think is tha sexiest

“LOL” hold up fam I think I’m gonna change tha game on this one…… Ya ready? Ok, A face like Diamond with a body like Trina, swag like Niki Minaj and the intelligence of Michelle Obama.


18.What would I like to see from tha music industry over tha next two years,



19. My Second single

will be titled “Pay Attention”


20.What rappper do I dislike or hate most

Smh fam on a personal level I don’t know any of them to dislike them or hate so I salute each and every artist that’s out there grinding, getting it how they live, cause Lord knows it’s a struggle to make it in this game.


21.My favorite drink in tha club

Ye…. its that Grey Goose, Hypnotic & a splash of pineapple juice with a few jolly ranchers in it.


22.Favorite Industry magazine

Vibe, Jet,XXL,Source,Twenty Four Seven, Leak mane they all have a lot of information in them that I get out of them. So with me being an up and coming artist I have to use all sources.


23.Who got me started in tha rap game

Well I always had a passion for music throughout my life and its experiences, but it was a friend of  mine who brought it back out when I stopped paying it any mind. I was just in tha studio one day and there it was I got back in it and kept pushing.


24.How does my family feel about my music and my choice in career

Well we Foys, my great grandmother had over a hundred grand children and over two hundred great grand children, so with that being said, I get a lot of support from my family – I mean that is what we are about.


25.Tha top five Rap albums of all times

Hmmm that’s a hard one cause you have to factor in, every one has their region or artists that they really deal, here are some that I like: DA GOOD DA BA & DA UGLY by The Geto Boys; COCKTALES by Too Short; THE BLUEPRINT by Jay-Z; CATEGORY F5 – Twista; COMIN, OUT HARD by Eightball & MJG.


26.Worst five rap albums of all time

How can you have tha worst album of all times when you have fans lol. I don’t hate on other artists by slamming their creativity.


27.My favorite r&b group or solo artist

Well with me it’s more about tha music than the artist, but I like

Al Green, Johnnie Taylor, Ray Charles, R. Kelly, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Babyface, The Commodores and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.



28.Where do I see tha Rap game headed

As of now it’s  pretty much advanced to where an artist can do more than just music so… there is no limit and I’m on my way to tha top and beyond.


29.How do I usually come up with my songs,

Well with me it all starts with a concept, then you take tha track mold it to where it rides with tha music and begin to tell your story.


30.What can you expect from me in tha future?

Simple; more CERTiFiED and always striven for a better vibe and continue to give you what cha love “CERTiFiED”

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