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Interview With Groovy C+ @c93groovy  IG groovyc93


1. How Long Have You Been In The Rap Industry?

I wouldn’t consider myself in the industry yet I’m still building my buzz and trying to make my way in through my own lane.  I see an absence in the game that I can fill.

2. Who Are Your Major  Influences in Music? 

I’m influenced by success. I see how QC killing the game and how hard they work influences me to work harder. Seeming other people’s progress motivates me to progress.

3. What Is Your First Single? –  Or What Single Do You Have Out Now?

My first single was a track called Go n Get It is currently out now on all platforms but not for long soon it will only be available on SoundCloud. But I also have a few singles off my upcoming tape including Run A Mucc featuring JaQueen that’s produced by King Mezzy, Out THe Way, Round Of Applause produces by Lil Xane OTB, and my most recently released single Japan also produced by King Mezzy.

4. Who Do You Have On Your Album?

Currently, only one feature on this mixtape and that’s my homie JaQueen.

5. How Did You Get Into The Rap Industry?

When I get there I will tell you lol but the strategy I have worked out should land me a place in the game.

6. Where Were You Born?  – Where Do You Live Now? 

I was born in Brooklyn NYC and currently live in Spartanburg SC

7. Who Would You Like To Work With That You Haven’t Already?

I would like to work with Dave East, Schoolboy Q, Eminem, Lil baby, jay critch, a boogie, Jadakiss, 50 cent.  Like those are some of the people I feel like I can make some fire shit with

8. Who Is Your Favorite Rapper You Like Right Now?

Dave East right now but overall J. Cole holding that title for me Cause he never fails to impress.

09. Who Do You Think Is The Hottest Producer Out?  –  What Would You Say To That Producer On Why They Should Work With You?

Hottest out right now to me is a few guys king Mezzy for one. I like that dude that made that young M. A track BIG that shit was hard, Dj mustard, metro boomin. There’s too many to say one favorite for me cause it depends on what kinda vibe you looking for. But why they should work with me is cause I’m versatile. I can give you a lot of different flows, subjects, I can make you laugh, I can make you cry,  I can make you think, or I can just give you something that can shorten a long ride. I’m adaptable and I make the best work when I’m challenged.

10. How Did You Come Up With Your Album Title?

I’m still working on the actual title but the concept is that this project is undone. Meaning this is my development process of becoming the artist you see me grow into.  Most artists go through those stages behind the scenes and come to you when they have their sound figured out. I was finding my sound while making this mixtape and it can be seen throughout the tape with some songs seeming to be more put together or energetic than others.

11. What Is Your Favorite Song On Your Album?

Japan and Run A Mucc and kinda my favorite but Out The Way be hitting me some days too.  I got this other tracked called groovy on the tape I had fun making that.

12. Which Song On Your Album Means The Most Too You?

Out The Way means the most cause I feel like that song brought the reality of me out. At least as a start. I can make fun songs all day but the songs that really bring emotion when recording and when I hear it brings a different feeling.

13. Who Are You Signed With?

I’m currently unsigned but I have plans to sign my self to a nice 5 figure deal once I get my LLC’s and everything in order so I can bring my brand to light.

14. When Is Your Album Release Date?

I’m hoping for an October release but it’s looking like it maybe later in the year. If it gets too late I’m going to wait till early 2020.

15. What Cities Do You Plan On Touring?

I plan on hitting Wilkes barre PA, Brooklyn NY, Atlanta,  Austin Texas and a few other places I’ve been to this past year or so.

16. What Female Rapper Or Artist Do You Think Is The Sexiest?

I like snow da product honestly cause she the type of chick that might try and out rap yo ass and she can definitely do it. She got bars and she don’t flaunt her sex appeal even though she definitely got it.

17. What Would You Like To See From The Music Industry Over The Next Year?

I want to see more people that rap and not so much singing and harmonizing.  I don’t mind it but at the same time the game is saturated with it.  I’m a fan of good music regardless of the genre but I see it taking integrity from the hip hop craft.

18. What Is Your Second Single Going To Be?

I Have a single I’ve been sitting on for a few months called “We Lit”. I performed it a few times including in Austin during SXSW and I always get a great response from the crowd when I do. I love performing it too.

19. If You Could Compare Yourself To An Already Established Artist, Who Would That Be And Why?  

I would say I’m lyrical like a Schoolboy Q, I’m cool n smooth like Andre 3000, my style is a mixture of a lot of different artists but most of these artists have an overall coolness about them. That’s my style I’m tryna be the coolest nigga I can be.

20. What Do You Think Your Listeners Will Get Out Of Your Music? 

I think they can learn some shit. I can speak on the emotions of a person that went from living in the hood to the burbs kind of then back to the hood. Like I’ve been through the struggles on both sides. I try to bring my reality from that standpoint to light.

21. What Were You Thinking About When Your Songs Are Developed? Explain Your Process?

My biggest influence mostly come from a lot of artist that have past like Big L, Biggie, 2Pac, and other more recent tragedies because I feel like even as good as they were while they were still alive they really never reached their full potential and that’s what drives me the most. I try to be as great as they could have been which is a stretch but it’s my driving force, trying to be considered a great in my own lane

22. Who Got You Started In The Rap Industry?

I’ve been around music my whole life since a youth with my father being a DJ in his early days and growing that into live audio production to building a whole company around it but the most actual person that got me started rapping for real was my Homie Trust aka JaQueen whose feature on my single Run A Mucc out now. She was the person that put me in the studio and basically got me started. I recorded a song called Go n Get It tHat day that’s also out now.

23. What Made You Want To Get Into The Music Business? 

I seen an absence of substance. Like with this song Japan on the surface seems like most of what you get out of the industry nowadays but if you actually listen to the lyrics it’s more to the song. I try to bring clever lyrics to my songs but not so much to take you away from the fun feeling the song has. I also have more in-depth songs that get more into my lifestyle outside of the turn-up but even then I don’t try to get to clique with it.

24. How Does Your Family Feel About Your Music And Your Choice Of Career?

My family supports it. Like they fine with me doing it they don’t really invest in my career but they definitely like that I’m trying to make my staple as the musician of this family’s generation. Like my father did music, his father and mother did music, I have a cousin that was pretty known in the 90’s that built a business after his music career. He now owns Victor George Vodka and he’s based in Florida IG I’m correct. I feel like I’m showing a side to me that I’ve hidden so long from them that it’s just hard for them to see me in that light I guess.

25. What Is The Most Difficult Thing You’ve Had To Endure In Life? 

The most difficult thing was losing my best friend basically my brother Brandon. He was killed back in 2013 and it still hurts cause a lot of the things I’m doing now like this music and trying to act and moving down south; These are all his dreams. Like I supported them 100 percent so the fact that things played out to where now I have this passion to do music and everything else it’s almost like I’m finishing his dreams and it’s a great feeling and I know he is helping me along my way cause I never saw my self getting this far at all and I still have a long way to go.

26. What Do You Hope To Accomplish With Your Music?

Honestly, my goal for my music is a humble one. I just want to be able to make a living doing music. Like being rich and famous is never my main goal. If I can sustain a humble lifestyle off of my music that’s fine with me. I’m not rejecting the fame and money it’s just I’ve seen that lifestyle from a behind the scenes standpoint and it’s crazy to see what people will do for it. I just want to have my fun.

27. What’s The Demographic You Are Trying To Reach Out To?

I’m an old soul so my main demographic is older hip hop heads that may not like this New Age music. But I bring something to the table they can digest because even though it’s not old school or what they want it’s something that brings everything they love bout what the old school like bars, relatability, and something you can move to or drive to and still want to vibe to it.

28. How Do You Usually Come Up With Your Songs?

It started with me really just getting beats and writing a verse as long as I could with a certain subject and then trying to come up with a hook to match and honestly it was just unnatural and sloppy because I didn’t have a focus or anything fundamental about what I was as an artist and recently I’ve been finding motivation in the smallest things because I figured out what my purpose as an artist was going to be  so once I did that i realized that it’s easier to just open my mind and speak my feelings it just comes. almost too often to keep up with. Now it’s simply what’s on my mind.

29. What Is Your Goal And Height That You Want To Reach With Your Music?

I want to be able to make my way into the debate of the top ten artists of my generation and with the absence of substance in this generation, I feel like I have a chance.

30. What Influenced  You Outside Of Hip Hop Rap That Have Helped You Form Your Style?

Well most people seem my orange flag and see I rep the Hoover Crip and think my name Groovy is relevant to that but in actuality my name is more of a callback to like hippie days cause as a youth I would rollerblade a lot like in roll voice type shit. It was in the late 90s early 2000s that I was doing it but it was a love of mine and growing up other facets of the hippie life came into play so groovy was just the perfect way to describe me. #I’msogroovy

31. How Can People Reach You?

You can find me on IG @groovyc93

On Facebook jus look up Groovy C+

I’m on Twitter @c93groovy

And if you tryna work, collab, do some business or anything you can dm me or send an email in my bio on IG.

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