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Interview With Maraist @MaraistPowers IG MaraistPowers


1.How long have you been in the Rap Industry?
Making music like i am now only 2 years but i been plying with words since i was in Jr. High school.

2.Who are your major influences in your music?
Major influences are. Kevin Gates, J.cole, Jay z, Nas,old school 50 Cent, Dave East and i Like Benny The Butcher.

3.What is your first single?
My first single is Lesson Learn with another artist Jnelly. I have 2 more singles out right now called Around The Way and No stain on Da Ice.

4.Who do you have on your album?
Both of the Albums i have out right now Only God Will Understand and 3 P’s i have no other artist on them its all me.

5.How did you get into the Rap Industry?
Ever since i was the age to know and decide who and what i wanted to be hen i grow up i always wanted to play basketball or be a rapper and when i seen basketball wasnt gonna be it i buckled up on writing lyrics my freshmen summer of high school coming into my sophomore year but i always have a love and passion for rhymes and rap since i was in Jr.High School.

6.Where were your born? Where do you live now?
I was born in Lake Jackson Texas in Brazoria county its South of Houston. Right now i live in Sweeney Texas and mt ethnicity and people are from Louisiana though.

7.Who would you like to work with?
Kevin Gates.

8.Who is your favorite rapper right now who do you listen to?
Kevin Gates, i got several though Dave East, Moe3, lil bit on NBA Youngboy, Derez Deshon and Tony Ri’chard.

9.Who do you think is the hottest producer out right now and what would you say to them?
To be honest i couldn’t really say who the hottest producer is cuzz idk. I pay attention to that i just focus on me and making my music to be a better me. Ill say my producer though @Illran. I would have to say Dr. Dre.

10.How did you come up with the name of your album?
How did i come up with my Album Title? It just came to its all from the heart.

11. What is your favorite song on your album?
It’s my music so ima say all of them but off both of my albums out right now I’d say Heart misunderstood and Never Chose Me.

12.Which one of your songs on your album means the most too you?
Send Em(Trigga Happy) to be honest and its not on either one of my albums out right now its on an EP called God Gave Me Style. All my music means the same to me though because i make emotional based music based off how im feeling at the time and music is how i deal with my depression and emotions and prayer.

13.Are you signed or independent?
Im still independent.

14. When is your album set to release?
Don’t have one they have already been released.

15.What cities do you plan on touring?
All of them.

16.What female rapper do you think is the sexiest?
Chinese Kitty and Renni Rucci.

17.What would you like to see in the music industry over the next year?
To be honest for artist to start changing their mentality whatever speak into existence will happen you reap what you sow.

18.What is your next single going to be?
Its already out its called No Stain On Da Ice. I do have another single coming that im waiting on the cover art to be done its called Come Off That there’s no expected date for it yet.

19.What artist to you compare yourself to?
I can’t compare myself to any artist i do what i do and they do what they do im in my own lane being a better me. People who listen will always have there opinion and may compare but im just forming my lane with it Maraist.

20.What do you think your listeners will get out of your music when they are listening?
My music you have to really sit down and listen to whats being said but ive been told by people who listen to my music that they feel what im saying and rocking with it.

21.What are you thinking about when you develop your music?
It just comes to me,i develope based off of what im going through at the time or what i been through going through a process of reflection. I never write to a beat when i hear a beat i connect with i listen to it until i hear what i alright have written and place everything together and if the lyrics fit they fit if not im not goin’ to force it everything gotta flow together. I write the most when im by myself just in my thoughts or when im just cooling jamming out to who i listen to it opens my thought process up and my brain go to working and when i record everything how i want it to sound comes to play as i record when bar and put that shit together.

22.What made you get started in the Rap Industry?
Nobody to be honest life just made it happen.

23.What made you decide to get into the Music business?
Rapping is my passion so why not be able to do what you love and other love and like what you do as well and make and income off of it and career.

24.How does your family feel about your music and your choice of career?
They always told me if thats what you want to do. Do it you never know how it will go if never follow dreams.

25.What is the hardest thing you had to endure in life?
Pain, being hurt and life isnt supposed to be easy anyways if it was we all would have our way but the most is being cut my hate and just hateful people and told your music is trash and never make money off of it but i now receive a slow income off of spotify so apparently my music isnt trash. Music i make isnt for everybody if you dont like it, it wasnt ment for you.

26.What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
To be successful weather im signed or independent just to be successful with it and someone’s favorite rapper and be appreciated for the music i do.

27.What is the demographic of people you plan to reach?
The whole wide world.

28.How do you usually come up with your songs?
Everything just flows together i might wake up out my sleep and write down something i mainly write when im by myself or at my main income job working security cuzz i just watch cameras so i got a whole 12 hours on a shift to write when it comes to me and i make emotional based music off how im feeling at the time and what im going thru of been through.

29.What is your goal and height you wish to reach with your music?
To be world wide with my music and have my own label Heaven Centnotti records and Heaven Centnotti clothes thats my brand.

30.What has helped you outside of Hip Hop Rap music that has influenced your style?
I always wanted to be the realist many say how real they are say their the GOAT. God is the only GOAT basically what im saying is having God in my life.

31.How can people reach you?
Reach me on Instagram and twitter @maraistpowers on both and my number is in both of the bios for the true supporters they wanna connect with me as a fan.

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