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Interview With Sleepy – @IamSleepyEyez IG OfficialSleepyEyez


What inspired you to become a rapper?
I was always inspired by rap music and rap culture because of my environment but what really made me think I could actually do this for a living was my 5th grade science teacher. We did a project on the elements and I couldn’t afford all the fancy items for projects at the the time so at the last min I came up with a rap song. I used at least of the elements chart to get it done. I won first place and rapped the song for 3 other classes. My teacher told me I should take it seriously if I wound like to get better at this. So I did and haven’t stopped since.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
My biggest influences was Outkast, T.I, Young Dolph, Mo3, J.Cole, lil Jon and the Eastside boyz, Kcamp , Wu-tang, Biggie, Michael Jackson , Prince, Usher, TLC, luther vandross, Xscape, Missy Elliott, Ludacris, 2chainz , lil Kim.

What is the story behind your stage name?
My stage name is Sleepy. This has been my name street name since for elementary school. At first I hated the name because they teased me about but it grew on me and everyone in my hood started calling me that. I actually love the name because people actually don’t know my real name they just call me Sleepy or sleep Lmao. Even my family call me Sleepy instead of my real name because they believe in my craft.

How would you describe your musical style?
My musical style is very energetic and realistic. I make sure I reach a variety of audiences. I sometimes throw Trap , Trap soul , and slick flow in most of my songs. I don’t follow the crowd when it come to my style, maybe that’s why it’s taking a little long for people to catch wind.

Can you walk us through your writing and recording process?
My writing usually starting off with my just waking up and throwing a beat on and which every beat catch my spirit , start with. I love going on twitter and see what people Twit about and I use someone’s post to start my song off Lmao. One I write at least 5 to 10 songs , I book my studio sessions for at least 5 to 8 hours so I can cook. I used to smoke and just vibe out to the beat. I like to feel the beat and take my time, I don’t rush into just rapping the booth. I take my time and picture my tracks, the video and how everything is playing out with every word because I want my audience to feel it just as much as I do.

What message do you hope to convey through your music?
I hope to convey fun , love , and to bring back that rap and R&B collaboration because it is not a lane that no one is focus on , something like ja rule or LL cool J. We have enough street artists and drug dealers but not enough realistic artist honestly. Everyone is killers or dealers. I am from the streets and can talk about everything they talk about but if everyone is walking then I am running , if everyone is wearing white then I am wearing black so I can stand out. I pray that I stand out way above the rest like Andre 3k or lil Wayne or Kcamp or Young Dolph.

Can you tell us about your latest album or project?
My last project single was Bon Appetit ft Crispy which was about persevering through trauma that we overcame like Crispy Mom passing and him being homeless and me going to jail and my friend killing my other friends in cold blood. At the moment I am putting together 5 mixtapes to put out from the summer till the end of the year to grab hold of a buzz in Atlanta and outside my state.

What is the most challenging aspect of creating music for you?
Having the money to be able to fund everything. We are not wealthy just yet but living 2 different lives is sometimes difficult. Providing for my family is priority and my music is priority as well but sometimes it’s hard to provide for both. I have the connections to get something’s done but I am working to get more industry contacts so I can create a team to help me move my music career as an artist to becoming number 1 in the country. Sometimes writing may get difficult because of writers block but I fight through it most of the time. Building my family foundation is a goal but my music is apart of my plan to make that goal come true.

How do you deal with criticism and negative feedback?
I utilize it. I understand everyone may not like my music and I understand as an artist that criticism is apart of the game which is cool with me. Some negative feed may hurt my feelings at that moment but it will never break my spirit because I was built for the music industry. Nothing will stop me from becoming the best.

What sets you apart from other artists in the rap genre?
I come in the game with nothing but great Energy. I am energetic and filled with charisma and character. I have fun with shit. Like I said before everyone is a killer if you let them tell it but me , I will make you laugh and think in the same sentence.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced as a musician, and how did you overcome it?
My biggest obstacle in the music industry is trust people and balancing my music life and family. I been betrayed by known people and fake tour people and I always remember this is a business and I take it to the chin and keep it pushing. Balance with my family is probably the hardest because I have young girls and I want to watch them grow but I know to give them a life they want I have to go all in.
I overcome this by just focusing on people who actually have credentials that I can look up and with my family, I just tell them the truth about what i am doing and schedule accordingly.

Who are your dream collaborations and why?
Young Dolph and Mo3 was my dream collabs but they both passed away which is unfortunate and I wanted to work with both of them because they stood out from all the other rappers in the rap game. I honestly want to work with Andre 3k, Kcamp and J.Cole because these 3 artists are in they own lane and have they own sound and they music touch people heart strings.

Can you discuss a time when you faced a creative block, and how you overcame it?
I usually run into when I get on TikTok to do an open verse challenge or make videos but I overcome by watching other people videos or watching comedy to laugh to get out my head so I can get myself comfortable.

What do you consider to be your biggest musical accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment was get my last single was on a billboard in the middle of time square in New York City. This was the happiest moment honestly. It felt so good to have my single up there.

How has your hometown and community influenced your music?
My city play a huge role in my music because Atlanta is on top of the game right now. The city has brought so many artist out from other states and put so many people in positions. Atlanta make you want to go super hard because it’s so many people out here is doing music.

What advice would you give to aspiring rappers?
I would tell them to learn the business side of this music , so you can make your money with the music. You must put your left in front of that right , meaning just put your best foot forward don’t be scared because everyone scared.

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not making music?
I like to do fun things with my children honestly because I love to see them laughing and smiling and happy. I make sure I give them most of my time so they can understand they daddy love them so much. I like to walk and think about how I can increase in my life honestly.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about the music industry?
My favorite thing about the music industry is meeting new people and heard they beautiful music and seeing people grow.I dislike the scammers and fakes and the money hungry folks who don’t want nothing but your money but don’t want to help your elevate in this industry.

How do you stay connected with your fans and supporters?
I stay connected through all of my social media sites and out when I perform my music.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from your musical journey so far?
The biggest lesson I’ve learn is that you must stay consistent. You have to keep the fan in tune with what you have going on. You gotta show the fans you human just like them and not just an artist. Being an artist is someone who is creative and being a great artist is someone who can reach they audience through everything whether it’s merch, music, memories , just something that’s fun for them. Also you have to pull on your fans emotions no matter what.

Can you tell us about a memorable performance you’ve had?
Lmao, my most memorable performance was probably my worse performance in 2017 – 2018. I was performing at diamond club one night and a friend of mines told me to come out to do my single “Ain’t Cut” this night. We get there and the guy I came with got into it with hosted and he was talking shit the whole night about us. Afterwards he left me there because he thought they was gonna jump us , but I stayed because I was ready for whatever but I was still gonna perform. Once it’s was my turn to perform, I was doing good but nobody was vibing , then I lose my voice in the middle of my performance lol , then I was slipping on the money I was throwing and I ran out of money at the same time. So imagine not throwing money on the strippers, losing your voice and the crowd not fucking with your music at all. Then the DJ stop playing my song , I was super pissed off , so I throw the mic at him. After I was ready to fight then, but the two guys who performed me did a great job and had the crowd hype walked right up to me and gave me they cds and told me to hit them up. Soon as I was walking towards the door , A tall dude with 2 PRE chains on and a all black Dior outfit on stopped me and told me he was fucking with me music and I should stay after the show. I was so mad and ready to go , I said alright whatever and left. The next day I realized it was Young DOLPH and that was the first time and the last time I met him. RIP DOLPH.

What are your future plans for your career as a rapper?
My future plans are to invest more in to the my craft and to spend more time networking to have better connections in the music industry. I honestly want to perform more out of state and go other places and do more feature with artist from other places rather than Atlanta. I also want to fully lock in with a producer who is down to lock in with me and we can help each other go up as a duo. I want to also spend more money on Ads to get my music in front of more eyes and views to gain more fans. I will be number on every radio station and the billboard charts and DRT charts.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a performer?
I feel like my biggest challenge is not having something tangible for my fans instead of telling them to follow me on my social media accounts. I am very energetic so performing is fun for me. I also think right now my challenge is selling ticket’s because I don’t have enough fans but I am working on it.

Can you discuss a time when you faced adversity and how you overcame it?
I spent my last with a famous producer because they told me they could help me go far as an artist and I was naive then. I used my rent money to get a few beats. He promised to get me a contract with a record label and other incentives but it never happened. Soon as I sent him the money he blocked me, deleted his page and stop hitting me up. I just trapped to get the money back but still. He was extra lame for the situation because I was working on my crafted and he seen a hungry artist tryn come up and probably knew I wanted to get on at any cost.

What do you think is the most important quality for a successful artist?
I think the most important quality is they marketing and promotion strategy and they fans. simple. Without the fan you can’t get paid and without the marketing and the promotion you can let get fans at all. That should be the main focus to be a successful artist.

How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals as a musician?
Honestly I been doing this for 10 years and I wanted to quit so many times but my motivation come from my ambition and willingness to be a great artist no matter what honestly. I put in too much work not to quit this. Sometime I lose focus but it’s my fans who get me to regain focus. Someone would message me and say “hey , I love your music and I can’t wait for you to drop a new song” . That shit alone make me wanna go in to the studio and drop 50 song lmao.

Can you tell us about a project or song that holds a special place in your heart?
My new song I got in the vault called peace is for my great grandma Hattie who I love so much. It’s my most recent song made but it’s definitely dear to my heart because she passed away and she didn’t get to see me make into the music industry. So I have to go super hard to make it in the game for her. I love you granny and I will became the artist I told I would be.

What do you think is the role of a rapper in society?
I think our roles as Rappers is to be ourselves and tell our story’s. So many people want to blame us for the murder rate or how females are or how the youth is but video games and movies are just as bad. Don’t get mad we speak about what is going on around us. Kids can look up to us if they want to but no one said it was mandatory.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of the touring process?
I never been on tour before but soon as I find out I will do a second interview lmao.

What can fans expect from you in the future?
My Fan can expect a galore of new music coming this year, and plenty of new content. I been practicing on my craft and making myself better so I can have a roll out with a huge impact. This I will give my fans more of me and let them get a taste of my life and the way I live.

How can people follow you and get a hold of you?

If you looking to get a feature or you are interested in doing business please hit me at


Facebook: Trevin Roberson

Instagram: @officialsleepyeyez

Twitter : @iamsleepyeyez

All Music platform: Sleepy or (Sleepy -Bon Appetit )




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