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Interview With Stackz @Stackz_g6


1.How long have you been in the rap game?

2 years

2.Who are your major influences in your music?

drake , meek mill , big shaun

3.What is your first single ?

make it rain

4.Who Do You have On Your Album?

cool breeze, june , cali swag districtt, reese head , jbeats

5.How did you get into the rap game?

doing poems then decided to add a beat to them

6.Where were you born?

hollywood florida

7.Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already?

meek mill

8.Who do you think is the hottest rapper out?

rick ross

9. Who do you think is the hottest producer out?

kayne west

10.Who is your favorite artist?

meek mill

11.How did you come up with your album title?

just off the head

12.What is your favorite song on your album?

lost you

13.Which song on your album means the most too you?

lost you

14.Who are you signed with?

hard tymes records

15.When is your album release date?


16.What cities do you plan on touring?

new york, los angeles,atlanta, toronto, houston

17.What female rapper or artist do you think is the sexiest?

nikie minaj

18.What would you like to see from the music industry over the next two years?

rap beef

19.What is your second single gonna be?

make it rain

20.What rapper do you dislike or hate the most?

machine kelly

21.Favorite drink in the club?


22.Favorite industry magazine?

the source

23.Who got you started in the rap game?

hard tymes records

24.How does your family feel about your music and your choice of career?

they hate it

25.Top 5 rap albums of all time?

the carter 3

enter the 36 chambers

ready to die

get rich or die trying

the marshal matters lp

26.Worst 5 rap albums of all time?


Tennis Shoes & Tuxedos

Revenue Retrievin’: Graveyard Shift

To the extreme

All or Nothing

27.Favorite r and b group or solo artist?


28.Where do you see the rap game headed?


29.How do you usually come up with your songs?

off the head

30.What can we expect from you in the future?

world domination

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