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Review Gangsta Gumbo Presents Gangsta Gumbo Vol5 Still Up 5 Nothin



A lil’ late by a ½ day, but betta late than neva. Currently not online yet, I’m about ta review Jimmy The DJ’s latest mixtape compilation! Under Gangsta Gumbo, it’s Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 5: Still Up 5 Nothin’; no host? Wasn’t it ‘pose ta be someone like B.G.? Also, it has been 649 reviewz ago that I reviewed Vol. 4, lol! Start Time: 10:51 AM | End Time: 1:10 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it. Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

© 2011 CD Review (Review #1,030) reviewed on 7.11.2011 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

Link To CD: http://gangstagumbo.com

01. Kevin Gates “Intro”
Oh, okay; I guess semi-hosted, then? Should be interestin’, although only eight seconds? >>> LOL, it was so short but spicy ‘cause it was ‘bout dat “gangsta gumbo!” My Rating: N/A

02. Kevin Gates “Gangsta Gumbo Freestyle”
Should be interestin’; recorded by phone? Lemme hear! >>> Damn, soooooo much in only 27 seconds, so far!! Not even by phone; how’d this happen when he’s locked up?! One of tha best freestyles in a longgg-ass time!!! Lots of “sandwich” things, here; he definitely goin’ nuts… well, nuts on tha mic, wit a regular voice, lol! SMH @ tha two-second silence at tha end of each one, though; there’s an option to put no silence at tha end when burnin’ CDs. My Rating: 4.9

03. Level “Hot Spot”
It gon be like a “hot spot” today and tomorrow, peakin’ in tha ‘90s! I was tryna get a freestyle last night and sweatin’, so I didn’t get ta review this last night ‘cause of tha heat. But, here I am!! >>> LOL, now, he has a water bucket as tha beat background? Funny; too bad he ain’t hittin’ me back wit doin’ a freestyle and drop for my radio show. You know, I’m startin’ ta get lazy wit caring; rather get someone that can answer me! I dunno if I should comment on tha verses, here, ‘cause everything’s, like, tha same. Of course, tha rhymes are catchy for tha ladies; I’ll leave it at dat. My Rating: 4.5

04. Louisiana Ca$h Feat. Quick, Money Bagz & INFO “I’m From Louisiana”
You may spell his name wit “$” but I think it’s wit a “z”. Anyway, not too long ago, I heard this, and it seems to be a big anthem; much betta than tha “Dip” song! Thumbs up fa tha crazy-ass, Louisianaful hook, ya dig? Thumbs up ta Ca$h fa breakin’ down what it’s like when you’re in “Louisiana;” hope my waiting of gettin’ ta “Louisiana” ends soon! Money Bagz may have been good/decent wit tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse, but Quick, lol? LOL @ Quick on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse; what crazy shit he spittin’ wit tha “cook crack/same what we cook gumbo in!” INFO’s pretty nice for a newbie on tha 3rd verse; good shit from you, especially tha self-esteem he has!! My Current Rating: 4.7

05. B.G. Feat. G.A. & Tay-Lo “Ride”
New song? Thumbs up for tha longer lengths; I think that adds good luck to a mixtape when there’s no mixin’, lol? I like ‘em both wayz but for you, it seems dat I’m likin’ tha CD a lot more when there’s no mixin’. >>> Ooh, this iz new; thought Gar was on tha feature, at first, lol. I’m really enjoyin’ tha dark-ass vibe in tha beat as well as tha “down bad” theme for tha hook! Good shit goin’ on wit tha 1st verse; thumbs up fa this actual-underground-soundin’ song from a mainstream rapper (B.G.)!! B.G. sounds pretty nice and gutta wit tha deeper-soundin’ voice on tha 2nd verse; much betta than tha good/typical shit I’m used ta hearin’, these dayz! Tha 3rd verse iz pretty gutta, too; this definitely iz dat official shit!!! My Rating: 4.8

06. 2ooley Feat. Lil’ One “Marlo Mike”
Good looks on havin’ tha feature on tha ID (in this case, Lil’ One = Lil’ One Da Ryder)! I actually had to do a manual check when I aired it on my radio show ‘cause you know I have a dignity rule: No song airs unless I know all tha artists’s names! Sounds like a new song everytime I hear it; such character in 2ooley’s voice wit all dat roarin’ on tha hook, lol!! One of tha more-soundin’ gangsta songs that’s out now! I’m expected ta be in one of his upcomin’ music videos, too; all about exposure!! Good shit from 2ooley, of course, on tha 1st verse; luvin’ his own tooley, lol! Lil’ One Da Ryder’s pretty nice on tha 2nd verse; this iz much betta fa him than tha shit I’ve heard on one of his CDs, so this iz a plus fa him. …I guess that’s him on tha 3rd verse? A lil’ confused… I think he’s on tha 3rd verse; not sure what’s goin’ on wit tha 2nd verse but tha 3rd verse iz pretty nice, too, wit tha content. Damn, mega fuck-up? Why tha last 40 seconds iz silence? Did it not register correctly on tha CD? My Current Rating: 4.6

07. Young Ready “Deebo Bounce”
I didn’t even realize “Bounce” was a part of tha title. When I aired it on my radio show for you, I was thinkin’ it meant “bounce” from bouncin’ a track? I’m glad I went tha safe route, though. Looks like Young Ready luvs tha lucky spot of #7 on tha CD? I remember on Vol. 2, “Cock, Aim, Shoot” was #7, too! Now, lemme do a lil’ review for this! >>> Thumbs up fa Savage producin’; sounds like some of tha omega-soundin’ shit I’m used ta hearin’ from people! Such a catchy hook wit tha “Deebo” shit! Tha 1st verse sounds pretty entertainin’; you know Ready’s all up fa anythang! Luv tha cockiness!! LOL @ tha “hoe”-related shit on tha 2nd verse; seems like Ready has everything on lock? Happy ‘late’ birthday, too! Thumbs up fa tha “’all day’ like T-Lo” part; you know you got BR blood in ya if you know “All Day” before “Uh Oh”! Tha 3rd verse iz a combination of tha 1st and 2nd verses; nothin’ but dat dumb shit! My Rating: 4.5

08. Lil’ Cali Feat. Level & Tank Jones “Money Right”
LOL. Due to one of tha things on tha track, it’s pretty much a novelty to me, but I’ll keep tha same rating; glad this iz tha version where each verse iz a full verse! My Current Rating: 4.9

09. Sess 4-5 “Hunnit Jeez A Month”
Really likin’ tha spellin’, here! How will Nuttin’ But Fire Records do on this compilation? >>> Sounds like a cool song; fits good wit tha “Money Right”—tha N.O. version! Nice job wit tha 1st verse; you know what it iz when you fuckin’ wit Sess 4-5! Tha 2nd verse iz also pretty catchy, but “a hunnit jeez a month”? Sounds like a hard mission but can be stereotyped as one of those fantasy thoughts. Tha reason I don’t get “a hunnit jeez a month” iz ‘cause a bunch of non-serious people don’t do frequent business wit me. Or, they hide away; I’m not a fan of uncalled-for secrets, too; makes me feel less of an upcoming, growing person. My Rating: 4.3

10. One-i Feat. Max Minelli “Don’t Have To Like Me”
Liked tha “Sick Wit It” dayz; let’s warp ta 2011 wit this new joint! >>> Ooh, Stevie Drumma on tha beat but why tha dumb-ass “The Boss” beat tag in tha beginning (J.R. Rotem’s beat tag)? Sounds like a tight beat, regardless, as well as this H-Town/screwed-and-chopped-soundin’ hook! One-i’s comin’ through wit some tight, focused shit on tha 1st verse; thumbs up fa always comin’ through on tha Gangsta Gumbo mixtapes, One-i! Max’s on tha 2nd verse and it’s all about “luvin’ [yourself];” most definitely! LOL @ One-i on tha 3rd verse; definitely luvin’ himself! Good job wit this joint, too! Looks like this finna be a five-star-rated CD? My Rating: 4.4

½time: Wow, this seems like a real hot mixtape!! Of course, I thought it was gonna be hot, but it’s, like, 10-for-10 when it comes ta seriousness (kinda 9-for-9 since tha intro wasn’t a song)!! Wanna know what tha CD rating iz, currently? It’s 4.6; major moves!!!!!!

11. Terror (Down Bad) Feat. Young Ready & Lee Bank$ “Baton Rouge Thang”
I heard this on DJ 5150’s latest mixtape compilation and I thought this was somethin’ serious; defeated “I’m From Louisiana” when it came to tha ranking! Didn’t know “thang” was in tha title; smh @ their error (which also, they didn’t have “Ready” in Young Ready’s name). Wouldn’t’ve expected a Down Bad-type song ta make your mixtape but this iz dat A+-type shit!! Terror’s such a character wit his “hit tha muthafuckin’ blunt!!!” on tha hook!!! Also, when he’s rappin’ on tha 1st verse, it sounds like some Tupac/’90s-sampled music on tha beat’s keys!! Oh, I keep forgettin’ tha “blunt” part was just tha intro. But, tha hook’s pretty nice wit tha “windmill” shit (I think that’s what he’s sayin’); go, Terror!! Ready’s comin’ through wit some hyperness, plus sirens, on tha kick-ass 2nd verse!! Lee Banks iz someone good on this song, too. Although he had R&B music when I reviewed him, he’s pretty serious on this shit, which iz a big plus! My Current Rating: 4.8

12. Lil’ Ganggsta “All Fucked Up”
Glad he’s on here! Looks like err-body I’ve loved iz on this mixtape in a great way!! >>> Beat from Wodieson; let’s see how this new joint gon turn out! Volume sounds a lil’ lower than tha previous songs. LOL, catchy hook; what else iz there ta say? “My mind always alert,” no matter what tha case iz; I always prove ta people dat I have tha brains in any situation! LOL @ his “rollin’” obsession on tha 1st verse; I wonder what date and time he started dat shit? I think it’s creative if people remember date and time! For example: On June 10, 2011 @ 8:55 PM, I witnessed someone snort cocaine for tha 1st time; had ta look at my phone’s time, ya dig? Good shit, here, Ganggsta; keep tha rappin’ brain up!! Tha 2nd verse sounds like an obstacle course dat Ganggsta has ta cross. However, he stayin’ alive fa a long-ass time!! My Rating: 4.3

13. Dog Da Cutthroata Feat. Foxx “Intoxicated (Remix)”
I like to call this a remix, although it might fit in tha “To The Max” category, where there was an added verse to make it an official version. Surprised he made your CD, too; lots of 2009-discovered people comin’ through in a nice way, here! Sounds like a funny song; you know Dog has his own flow and it’s catchy, especially wit all tha “intoxicated”-ass shit, lol! Up, Foxx said it was a remix; guess it’s official… Why does tha quality in tha audio not sound as good? I know I have this; I think mine was a better quality? Glad Foxx came through, though, ‘cause his energy makes tha track hot, too! LOL, didn’t realize I rated this as high as 4.7; I guess ‘cause I rated tha original version between 4.5 and 4.6. My Current Rating: 4.7

14. Dee-1 “Blue”
Huh? He’s on tha back cover, too? Thought I saw his face but I had to think I was 23 years-old and not 19 when thinkin’ about it! He betta’ve paid you for it! I don’t see why there’s tha attention (even following on Twitter, too)? Even my grandma thought that was weird when I sadly, and ironically, brought y’all up yesterday. If someone hasn’t talked to me in at least two years, why get their attention outta nowhere? They need to ‘cause then, you can give them a WTF look. As Alexia told me, “I think u should stop communicating wit him,” which should include caring, in a serious way. Prolly could’ve made this #13 but I guess it took an unlucky 13 to get to this, anyway. I realized, tha 1st time I talked to you, you were 23 years-old and now, I am. However, I dunno if it’s ‘cause it’s 2011 or whateva, but I don’t take shit from anyone, anymore. Plus, I don’t give a shit about anyone, anymore, unless they give a shit about me in person. By havin’ this perspective, this iz why my status iz higher and why I’m gettin’ ta travel/do events. Gee, no wonder why I didn’t go to Louisiana last year: dealt wit a bunch of fake people between resurrections and unexpectations, didn’t earn any money networking since 2008, buried myself in a bunch of shitty-ass reviewz, and I gave a fuck about people. >>> Wow, talk about a complete deal-breaker from tha previous song’s intros…; you weren’t on any drugs while addin’ this song, were you? Regardless, I think this iz pretty nice wit tha rhymes and tha beat’s startin’ ta sound good. Tha sample ain’t even too bad, either. Regardless, who cares what I say ‘cause he ain’t gonna read this, anyway. ROFL, what happened at 2:23? Random yellin’ that I’m likin’! LOL, a whole verse fulla tha word “dawg;” neva would’ve expected dat comin’! But yea, actually like this; forget all tha shit I doubted in tha beginning but on tha real, I could’ve at least earned somethin’ from Dee-1 by now. My Rating: 4.4

15. Preach, Ace, C-Love, Bro-Bro, Lil’ J, Puppy, Delwin The Krazyman & Ceddybu “Pulling Off”
LOL, I knew of what song this was based off tha length. I thought Nu$$ie was gonna be on it but it’s cool ta see all these random people; wonder how everyone gon sound like? >>> Big Josh doin’ tha beat, here; it’s all luv ta have tha Nu$$ie/Big Fancy team as producers! LOL @ tha hook; sounds like an Obama speech, in a really random way. LOL, was this where tha title of tha mixtape came from? I heard, “we still up, five nothin’,” or somethin’ like dat. Anyway, this 1st verse iz pretty good, minus tha random “Nu$$ie!!!” ad-libs (why am I still writin’ that in 2011? Wasn’t I 20 when it was cool ta see dat written?)… LOL, a new Ace? Not even tha one from G-Lane or tha one I heard from New Orleans? LOL, but I’m really likin’ tha anger and seriousness he bringin’ to tha table! LOL, tha ID’s so long, I thought Bro-Bro was next, but it’s this C-Love dude, comin’ through wit some catchiness… Bro-Bro’s on tha 4th verse, of course, comin’ through wit some catchy, 225-type shit! LOL, by tha way, once again, where did tha 1st three mysterious dudes come from? Were they hidden people or are they newbies? Lil’ J’s comin’ through on tha 5th verse (I spell him as “Lil’ J” ‘cause I think there was a Lil’ Jay from New Orleans, who dropped a “Gold Teeth Gator” CD in 2001); pretty quick… Tha 6th hook changed ta Puppy and it’s too much of jackin’ wit tha quoting; really should leave tha quoting alone. I was walkin’ down tha block yesterday, and I was thinkin’ dat tha best way ta make a song iz to not quote people; just consider yourself underrated and come up wit your own shit. Puppy does sound pretty good on tha 6th verse, though; not too bad… Hope Delwin ain’t too Nu$$ie-cocky on tha 7th verse… Actually, it’s pretty catchy wit tha crazy shit he spittin’, lol. Oh, not likin’ tha “Nu$$ie!!!”-imitated “Delwin!!!” ad-lib. Final verse… Round 8: Ceddybu, comin’ through wit some crazy flow and dat voice, lol! Much betta ta hear him on somethin’ like this but then again, I haven’t heard much of him, yet; I feel like I’ve talked ta him more than tha amount of songs I’ve heard from him. My Rating: 4.6

16. Damage Feat. Level “Still An Alcoholic”
LOL, guess you got tha e-mail from Joe (MMX), too? Oh yea, I keep forgettin’ about tha Real Profit Entertainment/Gangsta Gumbo collaboration/combination. Don’t think I got ta peep out tha remix (to tha original “Alcoholic” song), yet; I aired a different song he sent me onto my radio show not too long ago. >>> Sounds like a brand-new production, too; somethin’ serious, here!! Glad you got some Damage on here; good hook, too! Definitely fits in a great position to where “Nutcase” was on Vol. 2 (#15); perfect fiting, once again! Good shit comin’ from tha hyper-soundin’ Damage, here; thumbs-tha-fuck-up!! Level’s on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit a 2011 perspective, here; definitely tha shit when he keeps shit up!! Yea, Damage comin’ through on tha 3rd verse, too; nothin’ but some good shit goin’ on; gotta luv tha consistency dat doesn’t stop!! My Rating: 4.7

17. C-Loc “Excuse Me Sir”
This looks like somethin’ serious, too! Let’s see how his polite-ass (lol) gon do, here! >>> LOL, a Wodie beat fa C-Loc? Good look fa 2011! Hopefully, if Loc still has tha same numba, I would like ta get a freestyle from him for my radio show and a drop (or maybe an interview instead of tha freestyle). LOL, tha hook’s pretty nice—polite and kick-assness, lol! Sounds like a good mix, includin’ tha 1st verse, where there’s some good rhymes and punchlines goin’ on. LOL, some of this iz startin’ ta sound cheesy fa me; 2nd verse only aight, since tha cheese iz startin’ ta mix in… My Rating: 4.1

18. Lil’ Witness Feat. Young Bleed “Let Me In”
Original version? Heard tha remix 1st and now, an original version? Am I thinkin’ right? I have a feelin’ they gon sound tha same… >>> Yea, this iz tha same version I heard, even though I don’t think “remix” should be in tha previous ID I heard this on. Anyway, just like tha previous review, I gon re-review it now: Like tha intro wit tha conversation, tha kick-ass beat, tha nice hook about openin’ a door (lol), and you know dat Witness’s comin’ through wit tha crazy-ass shit in tha 1st verse!! Of course, Bleed sounds good on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit dat hood shit, as always! And, ta end it off, Witness’s comin’ through wit some mo good shit fa tha ears out there! My Current Rating: 4.7

19. J.R. Feat. Lil’ Cali “Helluva Night”
LOL @ tha “helluva” and “night”; interestin’… Didn’t even appear on J.R.’s “Street Dreams” album but it’s here/on tha CD he has wit Bic Jack & Dirty Harry! Plus, thumbs up fa havin’ him on tha back cover! He a real-ass dude; luvs talkin’ ta me and keeps up wit me, too! Catchy hook wit this Mod Productions beat, of course. He comes through on tha 1st verse in a nice way, too; gotta set tha mood, ya dig? And as for Cali, he comin’ through nicely fa J.R.; glad they’re connected like dis! Good job wit J.R. endin’ tha song off on tha 3rd verse; he really got his connects up, which iz a big plus for a real dude like him! My Current Rating: 4.4

20. D-Matic Feat. K.Gates & Young “Life On The Line”
I did some of tha editing on tha cut-offs wit tha tracks; let’s see if I can guess tha last song (wit 5:00 on tha length)… … …D-Matic? Wasn’t he ‘pose ta be on here? *Checks ID* It iz!! This looks so familiar on tha ID, but it ain’t comin’ up in my iTunes; lookin’ forward ta hearin’!! >>> Kinda nervous ta hear a beginnin’ beat like this; hope nothin’ gets jynxed… Okay, once tha hook came in, I knew it was gonna be on ‘n’ poppin’; great voice he has!! I feel bad; I think I got his # a year ago and neva got ta call him, yet. I need ta adjust myself a lil’ betta… Anyway, Young’s on tha ID 2nd but iz on tha 1st verse? Feelin’ what he spittin’ on this shit; very consistent!! This iz a nice way ta end this CD; I guess I should trust you when you say, “definitely our best, yet [Vol. 5]!” Tha 2nd verse sounds serious; tha flow’s aight but tha consistent lyrics are on, here! Tha 3rd verse sounds pretty serious, too; “lost so many pills,” he said? Either way, I’m definitely likin’ tha lyrics, once again. My Rating: 4.2

Overall: LOL, I didn’t subtract any extra time durin’ this review. My dad came through and my mom called me on tha phone. But yea, all tha songs were on ‘n’ poppin’; not one filler!! Congratulations on this shit! Props on puttin’ my logo on tha back cover; definitely appreciated! Tha CD case was a lil’ broken when I got it in tha mail, unfortunately, but havin’ tha hard copy iz what’s up! Also, thumbs up fa Ta-Ta-2ooley and Ganggsta also on tha back cover, too! You really won wit this; hope it looks good on your blog! I would suggest copyin’ tha link just in case I have ta fix things.


19. C-Loc “Excuse Me Sir” 4.1
18. D-Matic Feat. K.Gates & Young “Life On The Line” 4.2
17. Lil’ Ganggsta “All Fucked Up” 4.3
16. Sess 4-5 “Hunnit Jeez A Month” 4.3
15. J.R. Feat. Lil’ Cali “Helluva Night” 4.4
14. One-i Feat. Max Minelli “Don’t Have To Like Me” 4.4
13. Dee-1 “Blue” 4.4
12. Level “Hot Spot” 4.5
11. Young Ready “Deebo Bounce” 4.5
10. Preach, Ace, C-Love, Bro-Bro, Lil’ J, Puppy, Delwin The Krazyman & Ceddybu “Pulling Off” 4.6
09. 2ooley Feat. Lil’ One “Marlo Mike” 4.6
08. Dog Da Cutthroata Feat. Foxx “Intoxicated (Remix)” 4.7
07. Damage Feat. Level “Still An Alcoholic” 4.7
06. Lil’ Witness Feat. Young Bleed “Let Me In” 4.7
05. Louisiana Ca$h Feat. Quick, Money Bagz & INFO “I’m From Louisiana” 4.7
04. B.G. Feat. G.A. & Tay-Lo “Ride” 4.8
03. Terror (Down Bad) Feat. Young Ready & Lee Bank$ “Baton Rouge Thang” 4.8
02. Lil’ Cali Feat. Level & Tank Jones “Money Right” 4.9
01. Kevin Gates “Gangsta Gumbo Freestyle” 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 86.5
Total Songs: / 19

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